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PreCanMed conference
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11 - 14 June
Second PreCanMed summer school
Modify organoids, test therapies and understand the genomics of tumor organoids!

PreCanMed is an Italian-Austrian cross-border collaboration.

We study cancer and develop new solutions to advance knowledge and personalize treatment.

The project

At the latest frontier in cancer research and anti-cancer drug discovery

The tumor organoid technology

We develop one of the most advanced research technology: patient derived tumor organoids, minuscule diseased organs-in-a-dish, unprecedented tools to tackle tumor heterogeneity.

Towards personalized therapeutic strategies

We facilitate experimentation of personalized therapeutic approaches, by deploying tumor organoids to obtain information on molecular features and drug sensitivity of tumors on single patient basis.

The first cross-border Biobank

We collect and bank patient derived tumor organoids and associated data. The PreCanMed tumor organoid Biobank will foster basic and translational, collaborative cancer research.


1 Obtaining samples from tumors

Chips of diseased tissues will be taken from tumors during surgery and sent to PreCanMed labs. We focus on breast, lung and colon cancers, top three tumors in the list of the most frequent neoplasia affecting men and women. Moreover, we also address mesothelioma.

2 Growing tumors: procedures and methods

Collected tumor samples will be subjected to different procedures in order to identify and define the best conditions enabling growth and expansion of organoid systems.

3 Analysing molecular details

Developed organoids will be 3D structures incorporating key molecular features of the patient’s tumor of origin. They will be characterized by exome sequencing and gene expression profiling.

4 Designing therapeutic strategies

Data obtained from tumor organoids will be used to find associations between peculiar molecular features and patient’s response to treatments. Knowing this kind of information is useful to make predictions on treatment efficacy and to guide the therapeutic choice or the search for more effective strategies.

5 Experimenting drugs

Anti-tumor effects of different candidate drugs resulting from therapy design will be tested on tumor organoids.

6 Biobank setup

Patients’ tumor organoids will be collected and properly stored for subsequent re-expansion and reuse in research.

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Tumor organoids are revolutionizing cancer research and anti-cancer drug discovery. Get your background and more insights on this technology exploring our educational offer and material.

Living Biobank are invaluable resources. We are committed to maximize the exploitation of the PreCanMed biobank by sharing. Browse what we offer and how to get your access to our tools.



Second PreCanMed summer school

Modify organoids, test therapies and understand the genomics of tumor organoids!


2nd PreCanMed Workshop in Udine

On the upcoming January 25, Udine will host the second public appointment with PreCanMed and precision anti-cancer medicine.


PreCanMed at the V Conference on asbestos in Trieste

PreCanMed partners will meet asbestos exposed people and other stakeholders at the V Conference on asbestos next November 23, in Trieste.

Research highlight

Modelling cancer: lights and new shadows

A new study on cancer model systems published online today on Nature Genetics.

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