2nd PreCanMed Workshop in Udine

On the upcoming January 25, Udine will host the second public appointment with PreCanMed and precision anti-cancer medicine.


PreCanMed at the V Conference on asbestos in Trieste

PreCanMed partners will meet asbestos exposed people and other stakeholders at the V Conference on asbestos next November 23, in Trieste.

Research highlight

Modelling cancer: lights and new shadows

A new study on cancer model systems published online today on Nature Genetics.

30 May 2017 EVENT

1st PreCanMed Workshop: cancer research without borders and open doors

Today in Innsbruck the Italian-Austrian team of PreCanMed publicly present their research and innovation initiative against cancer.

19 Jan 2017 EVENT

PreCanMed kick-off

The Italian-Austrian team of PreCanMed convene today in Trieste to mark the start of the cross-border project 'PreCanMed – Creating a platform for precision anticancer medicine'.