Second PreCanMed summer school

Modify organoids, test therapies and understand the genomics of tumor organoids!


2nd PreCanMed Workshop in Udine

On the upcoming January 25, Udine will host the second public appointment with PreCanMed and precision anti-cancer medicine.


PreCanMed at the V Conference on asbestos in Trieste

PreCanMed partners will meet asbestos exposed people and other stakeholders at the V Conference on asbestos next November 23, in Trieste.

09 Oct 2017 Research highlight

Modelling cancer: lights and new shadows

A new study on cancer model systems published online today on Nature Genetics.

30 May 2017 EVENT

1st PreCanMed Workshop: cancer research without borders and open doors

Today in Innsbruck the Italian-Austrian team of PreCanMed publicly present their research and innovation initiative against cancer.

19 Jan 2017 EVENT

PreCanMed kick-off

The Italian-Austrian team of PreCanMed convene today in Trieste to mark the start of the cross-border project 'PreCanMed – Creating a platform for precision anticancer medicine'.